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Agnes Charles Guggenheim: Age, Family, Siblings, Education, Career And Many More

Who is Agnes Charles Guggenheim

Agnes Charles Guggenheim holds a unique position as the youngest in her family, born to Hollywood actress Elisabeth Shue and director Davis Guggenheim. Her birth on June 18, 2006, added a new chapter to the Guggenheim-Shue household. While Agnes hasn’t made her mark with personal achievements just yet, she enjoys recognition simply by being the daughter of two prominent individuals.

Agnes Charles Guggenheim Age

Agnes Charles Guggenheim, now 17, is the youngest daughter of Elisabeth Shue, born on June 18, 2006, in Los Angeles, California. Standing at 5 feet 3 inches tall, she inherits a mix of ethnicities and proudly represents American heritage.

Profile Information

Full NameAgnes Charles Guggenheim
ParentsFather: Davis Guggenheim
Mother: Elisabeth Shue
Birth PlaceUnited States
Date of BirthJune 18, 2006
Age17 Years (as of 2023)
SiblingsMiles William Guggenheim (November 11, 1997)
Stella Street Guggenheim ( March 19, 2001)
Zodiac SignGemini

Agnes Guggenheim Family

The youngest child of Davis Guggenheim and Elisabeth Shue is Agnes. Davis is a filmmaker most recognized for his amazing films, which include two about Bill Gates and Barack Obama. Elisabeth, Agnes’s mom, is a well-known actress, starring in famous movies like The Karate Kid and Back to the Future II and III, as well as TV hits like The Boys and Cobra Kai. They tied the knot back in 1994, creating a family rooted in Hollywood talent and creativity.American society is familiar with the Guggenheim moniker, particularly in relation to the renowned art museum located in New York City. However, we were unable to locate any family connections between Davis Guggenheim, Agnes’ father, and Solomon Guggenheim, the museum’s founder.

Agnes Charles Guggenheim Siblings

Agnes comes from a close-knit family together with her two siblings. Her sister Stella Street Guggenheim was born in 2001, and her older brother Miles William Guggenheim was born in 1997.

 Agnes also has a cousin named Nathaniel William Shue, and two aunts, Grace Guggenheim and Jenna Shue.

Miles, Agnes’s brother, graduated from Brown University. He was named after their mother’s brother, William Shue, who tragically passed away in an accident in 1988.

Agnes’s sister Stella attended the Art Institute of Chicago to further her studies. Stella brings another level of athleticism to the family because, like their mother, she is talented in gymnastics.

Agnes Charles Guggenheim Grandfather

Charles Guggenheim, Agnes’s grandfather, was a well-known film producer. He was regarded as one of history’s greatest filmmakers.

His most well-known film was a Robert Kennedy documentary. Only two months had passed since Robert Kennedy’s assassination during his 1968 presidential campaign when he completed it.

Charles Guggenheim received four Oscars out of a possible twelve nominations. Even though he went away on October 9, 2002, people are still motivated by his films.

Agnes Charles Guggenheim Education

Agnes is currently concentrating on her high school studies. Nevertheless, information regarding the school she attends is not made public.

Agnes Charles Guggenheim Career 

Many people think that Agnes would pursue a career in show business, considering her parents’ involvement with it. She hasn’t, however, shown any indications that she plans to pursue an acting career. Agnes hasn’t participated in any performing endeavors to date, despite the fact that it’s typical for celebrity parents’ kids to begin acting at a young age. We might not find out about her career path for a few more years.


Family Background: Agnes Charles Guggenheim was born on June 18, 2006, in Los Angeles, California, as the youngest child of Hollywood actress Elisabeth Shue and director Davis Guggenheim.

Birth: She was born on June 18, 2006, in Los Angeles, California.

Height: Standing at 5 feet 3 inches tall, Agnes represents a mix of ethnicities and proudly identifies as American.

Siblings: Agnes has two siblings: Stella Street Guggenheim, born in 2001, and Miles William Guggenheim, born in 1997.

Education: Currently, Agnes is focused on her high school studies, although the specific school she attends is not publicly disclosed.

Career Path: While Agnes hasn’t pursued a career in show business like her parents, she has not shown any indication of her career aspirations yet.

Parents’ Professions: Davis Guggenheim is a renowned filmmaker known for documentaries on Bill Gates and Barack Obama, while Elisabeth Shue is a well-known actress starring in popular films like “The Karate Kid” and “Back to the Future II and III.”

Grandfather’s Legacy: Agnes’ grandfather, Charles Guggenheim, was a highly acclaimed film producer, winning four Oscars out of twelve nominations.


Agnes Charles Guggenheim is the youngest in her family, surrounded by Hollywood talent and creativity. Although her parents are well-known figures in the entertainment industry, Agnes has chosen a different path for now. Instead of diving into show business like her parents, she’s dedicating her time to education and exploring her own interests. As she grows, she may discover her true passion and career aspirations. For now, she’s enjoying the journey of self-discovery and learning.


When was Agnes Charles Guggenheim born?

Agnes Charles Guggenheim was born on June 18, 2006, in Los Angeles, California. And she is now 17 years of age.

Who are Agnes Charles Guggenheim’s parents?

Agnes’ parents are Hollywood actress Elisabeth Shue and director Davis Guggenheim.

Does Agnes Charles Guggenheim have any siblings?

Yes, Agnes has two siblings: Stella Street Guggenheim and Miles William Guggenheim.

What is Agnes Charles Guggenheim’s family background?

Agnes comes from a family deeply involved in the entertainment industry, with her parents being notable figures in Hollywood.

Is Agnes Charles Guggenheim pursuing a career in show business?

While it’s speculated that Agnes might follow in her parents’ footsteps, she has not shown any indication of pursuing a career in acting or filmmaking as of now.

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