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Story of Colby and Kelsee Ryan: A Journey Through Trials and Tribulations

Lots of people are wondering if Colby Ryan is still married. He’s Lori Vallow’s oldest son and the brother of two younger siblings who sadly passed away in 2020. If you’re curious about Colby’s marital status, stick around! We’ll dive into whether he’s tied the knot, and we’ll also explore tidbits about his wife, his life story, his age, what he shares on Instagram, and even a peek into his net worth. Get ready to learn all about Colby Ryan’s world!

Who Is Colby Ryan’s Wife?

Kelsee Ryan and Colby Ryan, Lori Vallow’s surviving eldest child, go way back – all the way to middle school, in fact. Their story starts with Colby catching Kelsee’s eye as a friend of her brother’s. But it wasn’t until junior high that they really hit it off, and Colby officially asked Kelsee out during her college days.

Their love story wasn’t all smooth sailing, though. Colby’s mom, Lori, didn’t exactly give their relationship her blessing. She was worried about Colby straying from the LDS Church teachings. Kelsee remembers Lori being controlling and subtly confrontational in her attempts to win Colby’s attention.

As Kelsee and Colby’s relationship grew, Lori’s behavior got even more unconventional – especially after they got engaged and married. While some of Colby’s family members got along better with Kelsee, her relationship with Lori stayed strained. But everything changed for Kelsee after Charles Vallow’s mysterious death in July 2019.

Things got even more tense when Colby’s younger siblings, JJ and Tylee, disappeared. In the face of these troubling events, Kelsee stood by her husband, helping him search through family records for any clues. Sadly, they didn’t find much.

During these difficult times, their daughter Riley was born, but the concerns concerning JJ and Tylee continued. After then, in January 2022, they welcomed Ava into the world, writing another chapter in their adventure.

Despite the difficulties they have encountered, Kelsee has exhibited remarkable fortitude and everlasting love for Colby throughout it all. She has supported him through everything, prioritizing his family and being by his side while they look for solutions.

Who Is Colby Ryan?

When asked about his younger brothers, JJ and Tylee, by the police, Lori Vallow’s son Colby Ryan was unable to answer. He was shocked to hear that their bodies had been found in June 2020 at the Idaho home of Lori and Chad Daybell.

Colby had a hard time putting his sentiments into words. He conceded that it was difficult to even know where to start. He declared, “I’m not even sure where to start,” demonstrating how much he cherished his siblings.

Colby took some solace in the fact that they were now in a better place, despite the sadness. It was a tiny solace amidst the searing agony he was experiencing.

Colby Ryan Age

Isn’t it funny how age works? It’s reasonable to wonder how old Colby Ryan is given his blend of youth and experience. We’ve seen him grow up before our eyes, but time keeps marching on, bringing changes along with it. Maybe you’ve already taken a guess at Colby Ryan’s age or wondered about it. Well, here’s the scoop: as of 2022, Colby Ryan is 26 years old. Pretty interesting, right? As we learn more about Colby Ryan, we’ll keep you updated with all the accurate details.

Colby Ryan Wife Height

We don’t have exact details about Colby Ryan Wife’s height and weight, unfortunately. However, based on a cursory examination of her images, it appears that she may be approximately 65 kg and 5 feet 5 inches tall. Naturally, these are only approximations based on what we have observed.  It’s always a bit tricky to guess these things accurately without the actual numbers, but it gives us a general idea.

Colby Ryan Mother

The story of Lori Vallow Daybell, aka the “doomsday mom,” enthralled people across the nation. In May 2023, she was convicted of first-degree murder and conspiracy after the deaths of her two daughters, 7-year-old JJ Vallow and 16-year-old Tylee Ryan. This devastating decision was connected to her emotional suffering. A romantic rival was also the target of a conspiracy in this case, which increased the tragedy.

Lori’s destiny was sealed when she was given consecutive life sentences without the chance of release. The public was unable to ignore Lori and her husband Chad Daybell’s strange behaviors and views. The curiosity was further heightened by their associations with apocalypse prophecies and the unexplained deaths of their former spouses.

Lori’s beliefs stretched to the idea of zombies, and she even claimed to be the reincarnation of Joseph Smith’s wife, the founder of the Latter Day Saint movement. Chad shared her apocalyptic views and faces his own first-degree murder charges, linked to the children’s deaths and his previous wife’s passing, with their trial set for April 2024.

But the legal battles didn’t end there. Lori was extradited to Arizona in December 2023 to face conspiracy charges in two other cases. The fallout from her actions and the tragic loss of her children continues to reverberate, leaving a profound impact on affected families and captivating the public with its mix of crime, religious fervor, and heartbreaking loss.

Colby Ryan Career

Colby Ryan, formerly known as Kelsee Benson, was once married to Colby Ryan, the son of Lori Daybell. Together, they built a family and welcomed two children into the world.

Additionally, Kelsee acted as herself in TV miniseries based on her personal experiences, such as “The Truth About Lori Vallow” and “Sins of Our Mother.”

Their relationship took a dark turn when Kelsee made serious allegations against her ex-husband, accusing him of rape. This led to legal charges against Colby in 2022. However, the charges were eventually dropped, leaving both parties to move forward in their separate paths.

Colby Ryan Wife Net Worth

Kelsee Ryan was once married to Colby Ryan, who just so happens to be Lori Vallow Daybell’s son. Although Kelsee’s precise net worth is unknown to us, Colby’s projected net worth as of 2023 is purportedly in the range of $1 and $5 million.

The intricate situation involving Lori Vallow and Chad Daybell was clarified by their participation in the Netflix documentary “Sins of Our Mother”.  Interestingly, Colby vehemently denies Kelsee’s accusations of rape, adding another layer of tension to their story.

It’s important to remember that even though parts of their lives have played out in the public eye, Kelsee’s financial details remain her own. And while the allegations of rape and their denial are part of their personal history, they’re also subjects of ongoing legal discussions, highlighting the need for careful consideration and verifying facts.

Is Colby Ryan Still Married?

It appears from the information released that Kelsee and Colby Ryan made the decision to part ways somewhere in the middle of 2022.

Things took a turn on August 31, 2022, when Kelsee came forward with allegations of sexual abuse against Colby, casting a shadow over their relationship. According to Kelsee’s account, Colby visited her home that evening under the guise of hanging out and watching TV, as they were trying to maintain a friendship. However, what started as a friendly encounter allegedly turned into something unwanted.

In her report, Kelsee claimed that she repeatedly made it clear she wanted to end the relationship and had no interest in any sexual activity. Despite her objections, 26-year-old Colby allegedly continued with inappropriate behavior.

Since then, there hasn’t been any further word from Kelsee about the incident, and it’s unclear why the charges were dropped shortly after being filed. However, it seems she’s been actively working to overcome challenges. Her online presence suggests she’s focused on her job and her daughters, prioritizing her career and motherhood while living in Mesa, Arizona.

Colby Ryan Kids

Colby was once married to Kelsee Benson, and they have two children together. However, their story took a dark turn in September 2022 when Colby faced legal trouble, getting arrested on two counts of sex crimes, as alleged by his ex-wife, Colby Ryan Wife. The accusations’ specifics have not been made public.

Colby Ryan gained notoriety prior to his arrest for his appearance in the Netflix documentary “Sins of Our Mother,” in which he disclosed his mother’s membership in a religious cult. He’s also written a book called “The God Over Odds,” sharing his journey from being the son of a cult-connected mother to finding faith.

As for Kelsee Ryan, there isn’t much information available about her life beyond her marriage to Colby Ryan. Her story seems to remain a mystery beyond her relationship with Colby.

Colby Ryan Wife On Social Media

Kelsee keeps her Instagram followers updated with snapshots of her faith, family moments, and everyday life. You can find her sharing these moments under the handle @girlaftergod_.

As for Colby Ryan, known mostly as Lori Vallow Daybell’s son facing charges, he and his wife, Kelsee, have kept their distance from Lori and her husband, Chad Daybell, since their arrest. Back in June 2020, Colby and Kelsee shared pictures on social media during a visit to Chad Daybell’s property, capturing the beauty of flowers and signs.

However, things took a sharp turn in September 2022 when Colby Ryan found himself in legal trouble, facing allegations of sexual assault. Unfortunately, the details surrounding the charges haven’t been disclosed.

Where is Colby Ryan’s Wife Now?

Since the accusations against Colby Ryan were dismissed, his wife has chosen to keep a low profile and hasn’t made any public remarks. We don’t even know where she is anymore or what she is doing on social media because she even erased her accounts.

It appears that Kelsee Ryan would prefer to remain anonymous, possibly concentrating on her kids’ welfare. She probably awaits the outcome of Lori Vallow and Chad Daybell’s Idaho trial, which is scheduled for January 2023.

Despite all of the suffering and upheaval brought about by her union with Colby Ryan, Kelsee Ryan has proven to be incredibly resilient and strong.  Her story is a testament to the complexities of tragedy and betrayal. Moreover, she’s shown immense love and compassion for Tylee and JJ, who were taken from us far too soon. Kelsee Ryan’s story is the untold tale behind Colby Ryan’s wife.


Colby Ryan, Lori Vallow’s eldest son, has been through significant upheavals, including the tragic deaths of his siblings, JJ and Tylee. He married Kelsee Ryan, his childhood sweetheart, with whom he shares two daughters, Riley and Ava. However, their marriage faced challenges, particularly with Kelsee accusing Colby of sexual abuse in 2022, though the charges were later dropped.

Colby gained public attention through his appearances in documentaries and his book detailing his family’s involvement in a religious cult. Kelsee, on the other hand, has maintained a low profile since the allegations against Colby. She deleted her social media accounts and hasn’t made any public statements since.


  1. Colby Ryan is Lori Vallow’s oldest son, who tragically lost his younger siblings, JJ and Tylee, in 2020.
  2. Colby and Kelsee Ryan were childhood friends who later married and have two daughters together.
  3. Kelsee accused Colby of sexual abuse in 2022, leading to legal trouble for Colby, but the charges were dropped.
  4. Colby has been open about his family’s involvement in a religious cult, detailing his experiences in documentaries and a book.
  5. Kelsee has chosen to stay out of the public eye since the allegations against Colby, focusing on her children’s well-being.


Is Colby Ryan still married?

No, Colby and Kelsee Ryan parted ways in 2022 amid allegations of sexual abuse made by Kelsee against Colby.

What happened with the allegations against Colby Ryan?

The allegations of sexual abuse made by Kelsee against Colby in 2022 led to legal trouble for Colby, but the charges were later dropped.

What is Kelsee Ryan’s current status?

Kelsee Ryan has chosen to keep a low profile since the allegations against Colby. She deleted her social media accounts and hasn’t made any public statements since.

Do Colby and Kelsee Ryan have children?

Yes, Colby and Kelsee have two daughters together named Riley and Ava.

What is Colby Ryan known for?

Colby Ryan gained public attention for his involvement in documentaries detailing his family’s connection to a religious cult, as well as for his book on the subject.

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