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Rosalia Age, Biography, Height, Net Worth, Career, And More

Rosalia Vila Tobella, better realized by her stage name Rosalia, is a Spanish vocalist lyricist who has dazzled the music business with her special mix of contemporary R&B and pop impacts joined with conventional flamenco. Her particular style and lively exhibitions have procured her inescapable praise, various honors, and a quickly developing fan base. Given her striking ascent to distinction and progress in the music business, many individuals are interested about Rosalia’s total assets in 2024.

Rosalia Age

Rosalia, a flexible craftsman brought into the world in Sant Esteve Sesrovires, Catalonia, Spain, on September 25, 1993, essentially affects the music scene. At 30 years of age, she remains as a brilliant illustration of development, mixing current sounds with the rich practice of Flamenco music. Rosalia’s imaginative way to deal with Flamenco has procured her a spot among the main figures in contemporary music. Her standing as a ground breaking craftsman has developed thanks to her capacity to consolidate customary components with state of the art creation procedures, enamoring crowds around the world. With each new collection, Rosalia keeps on pushing limits and rethink the potential outcomes of Flamenco, hardening her situation as a trailblazer in the field.

Who is Rosalia?

Rosalia is a complex craftsman brought into the world on September 25, 1993, in Sant Esteve Sesrovires, Catalonia, Spain. She is famous for her excellent combination of contemporary sounds with conventional Flamenco music, a special mix that has spellbound crowds around the world. At only 30 years of age, Rosalia has previously made a permanent imprint on the music scene, procuring boundless praise for her creative way to deal with Flamenco.

Her music flawlessly interweaves the spirit of Flamenco with present day classifications like R&B and pop, making a new, powerful sound that resounds with different audience members. Rosalia’s unmistakable style is portrayed by strong vocals, complicated rhythms, and a striking, exploratory creation that respects the legacy of Flamenco while pushing it into what’s in store.

She initially acquired worldwide consideration with her 2018 collection “El Mal Querer,” which displayed her capacity to rethink conventional Flamenco through a contemporary focal point. This historic work procured her various honors as well as set her standing as a pioneer in the music business.

Rosalia’s impact stretches out past her music. Her dynamic design sense and convincing stage presence make her a social symbol. Consistently pushing limits and rethinking what is conceivable inside Flamenco, Rosalia stays a spearheading force in contemporary music, motivating another age of specialists and audience members the same.

Rosalia Biography

Rosalía was brought into the world in Barcelona, Spain, on September 25, 1993. She is a notable flamenco vocalist who acquired conspicuousness in Spain toward the start of the 2010s, performing at different celebrations and sharing her exceptional music on YouTube. One of her initial outstanding exhibitions was a two part harmony with Juan Gómez to the beat of Chicuelo at the 2013 Panama Worldwide Film Celebration. This exhibition featured her uncommon ability and set up for her future achievement.

In April 2019, J Balvin welcomed Rosalía in front of an audience during his set at the Coachella Celebration to play out her hit melody “Con Altura,” further helping her worldwide profile. Her creative way to deal with mixing conventional flamenco with present day music styles has procured her far reaching acknowledgment and recognition.

As per Well known Bio, Rosalía is viewed as quite possibly of the best pop vocalist. She is one of the most affluent pop artists from Spain and is recorded among celebrities brought into the world on September 25, 1993. At 25, she had proactively secured herself as a noticeable figure in the music business, because of her unmistakable sound and enrapturing exhibitions.

Rosalía keeps on being a spearheading force in contemporary music, consolidating the rich legacy of flamenco with contemporary impacts, in this manner rethinking the class and moving another age of craftsmen and fans around the world.

Rosalia Wiki

Full NameRosalía Vila Tobella
Stage NameRosalía
Date of BirthSeptember 25, 1993
Place of BirthSant Esteve Sesrovires, Catalonia, Spain
Age30 years old (as of 2024)
Height5 feet 6 inches (1.68 meters)
WeightApproximately 123.4 pounds (56 kilograms)
OccupationSpanish vocalist, lyricist
Musical StyleContemporary R&B and pop infused with traditional flamenco
Albums– Los Ángeles (2017) <br> – El Mal Querer (2018)
CollaborationsJ Balvin (Con Altura), Bad Bunny, C. Tangana
Notable AwardsGrammy Awards, Latin Grammy Awards
Net Worth (2024)$8 million
Previous Net Worth (2020-2021)$98 million (according to sources like Factspedia, Forbes, IMDb)
RelationshipPreviously dated Spanish rapper C. Tangana (2016-2018), currently single
Social MediaInstagram: Over 16 million followers <br> YouTube: Over 8 million subscribers
Early LifeStarted musical journey at Taller de Músics academy, later attended Catalonia College of Music
Career Highlights– Rose to prominence in Spain in the 2010s <br> – Notable performances at festivals and events
Notable Performances– Coachella Live event (2019) <br> – Panama International Film Festival (2013)
Personal InterestsPassionate about performing arts

Rosalia Early Life & Education

Rosalía, conceived Rosalia Vila Tobella on September 25, 1992, in Sant Cugat del Vallès, Catalonia, Spain, is the most youthful little girl of Pilar and José Vila. She experienced childhood in the close by town of Sant Esteve Sesrovires close by her sister, Pili. Since early on, Rosalía displayed a profound energy for the performing expressions, which set up for her future vocation in music.

Rosalía’s melodic excursion started at the Taller de Músics foundation, where she submerged herself in the investigation of music. She later went to the Raval school prior to moving to the Catalonia School of Music. This scholarly foundation furnished her with a strong groundwork in both customary and contemporary melodic methods.

During her investigations, Rosalía sharpened her specialty by performing at weddings and bars, acquiring significant experience and fostering her remarkable style. These early exhibitions were pivotal in forming her imaginative personality, permitting her to explore different avenues regarding mixing conventional flamenco components with present day sounds.

Rosalía’s devotion and creative methodology immediately gathered consideration, and she rose to unmistakable quality in Spain during the mid 2010s. Her capacity to meld flamenco with contemporary types like R&B and pop has enamored crowds around the world, laying out her as a spearheading figure in contemporary music. Her excursion from neighborhood exhibitions to global recognition is a demonstration of her ability and tirelessness.

Rosalia Height & Weight

Rosalía remains at around 5 feet 6 inches (1.68 meters) tall, which is viewed as normal level. She commonly weighs around 123.4 pounds (56 kilograms). Known for her particular appearance, Rosalía frequently sports her normal wavy hair, which flawlessly supplements her dull earthy colored eyes. Her interesting style and striking elements add to her magnetic presence both on and off the stage.

Rosalia Personal life

From 2016 to 2018, Rosalía was engaged with Spanish rapper and performer C. Tangana. During their relationship, they worked together on various melodies, large numbers of which showed up on Rosalía’s widely praised second collection, El Mal Querer. Their innovative association fundamentally impacted the collection’s turn of events and achievement.

One thing is totally clear: Rosalía’s future in the music business is brilliant. In spite of the fact that insights concerning her own life and funds are kept hidden, her ability and commitment keep on radiating through her work. With each new delivery and execution, she ends up being an imposing craftsman, and it is inevitable before her name becomes inseparable from melodic significance on a worldwide scale.

Rosalia Career

In her initial years, Rosalía, presently 25, was a standard entertainer in different bars and cafés, driven exclusively by her enthusiasm for singing. Regardless of being disposed of from the get-go in the 2008 ability Television program Tú Sí Que Vales, she didn’t allow this mishap to stop her. All things considered, she involved it as inspiration to push harder towards her fantasies. Rosalía started sharing her music on YouTube, steadily drawing in a bigger crowd with her exceptional sound and style.

In 2017, she delivered her presentation collection Los Ángeles, which displayed her imaginative way to deal with flamenco and contemporary music. This was trailed by her sophomore collection, El Mal Querer (Terrible Love), in 2018. The two collections were created totally all alone, exhibiting her imaginative vision and devotion. El Mal Querer specifically got basic praise and fundamentally helped her profile, establishing her status as a historic craftsman in the music business. Rosalía’s excursion from acting in little settings to turning into a universally perceived performer is a demonstration of her ability, versatility, and steady enthusiasm for her specialty.

Rosalia Net Worth

Rosalía, an eminent Spanish vocalist lyricist, has amassed a total assets of $8 million through her fruitful profession in the music business. She earned far reaching respect in the last part of the 2010s with the arrival of her collections Los Ángeles and El Mal Querer. These collections displayed her interesting mix of flamenco and contemporary music styles, procuring her basic praise and a dedicated fan base.

All through her profession, Rosalía has created a progression of hit singles, including “Con Altura,” “Yo x Ti, Tú x Mí,” “La Fama,” and “Saoko,” which have additionally cemented her situation as a main figure in the music scene. Furthermore, she has teamed up with numerous conspicuous craftsmen, exhibiting her adaptability and capacity to cross melodic limits.

Rosalía’s great commitments to music have not slipped through the cracks, as she has gotten various honors, including a few Grammy and Latin Grammy Grants. These awards highlight her ability and effect on the business, solidifying her status as one of the most powerful specialists of her age. With her proceeded with commitment and creative way to deal with music, Rosalía makes certain to make a permanent imprint on the universe of music long into the future.

Rosalia Relationship

The gifted artist, who is 25 years of age, used to date rapper C. Tangana. In 2016, they worked together on the melody “Before I Pass on,” displaying their melodic science. Nonetheless, their relationship reached a conclusion in 2018, denoting the determination of a huge part in both of their lives.

In spite of bits of hearsay proposing a heartfelt contribution with Puerto Rican rapper Terrible Rabbit recently, it was subsequently explained that these hypotheses were bogus. Rosalía has all the earmarks of being exclusively centered around her vocation right now and is at present single. This devotion to her specialty highlights her obligation to her music and creative excursion. As she keeps on enrapturing crowds with her novel sound and style, Rosalía’s own life stays a confidential matter, permitting her to drench herself in her melodic undertakings completely.

Facts about Rosalía:

  1. Complete Name: Rosalía Vila Tobella
  2. Stage Name: Rosalía
  3. Date of Birth: September 25, 1992
  4. Spot of Birth: Sant Cugat del Vallès, Catalonia, Spain
  5. Melodic Style: Contemporary R&B and pop implanted with conventional flamenco
  6. Collections: “Los Ángeles” (2017), “El Mal Querer” (2018)
  7. Coordinated efforts: J Balvin (“Con Altura”), Terrible Rabbit, C. Tangana
  8. Eminent Honors: Grammy Grants, Latin Grammy Grants
  9. Total assets (2024): $8 million
  10. Relationship: Recently dated Spanish rapper C. Tangana (2016-2018), as of now single


Rosalía Vila Tobella, referred to expertly as Rosalía, is a Spanish vocalist lyricist who has acquired worldwide recognition for her imaginative combination of flamenco with contemporary music styles. Brought into the world on September 25, 1992, in Sant Cugat del Vallès, Catalonia, Spain, Rosalía started her melodic excursion quite early on and rose to noticeable quality in the last part of the 2010s with the arrival of her collections “Los Ángeles” and “El Mal Querer.” She has teamed up with different specialists and has been regarded with a few esteemed grants, including various Grammy and Latin Grammy Grants. Rosalía’s remarkable sound, strong vocals, and dazzling exhibitions have cemented her situation as quite possibly of the most persuasive craftsman in the music business today.


Q: What is Rosalía’s genuine name?

A: Rosalía’s complete name is Rosalía Vila Tobella.

Q: When was Rosalía conceived?

A: Rosalía was brought into the world on September 25, 1992.

Q: What is Rosalía’s melodic style?

A: Rosalía’s melodic style consolidates contemporary R&B and pop with customary flamenco components.

Q: What are a portion of Rosalía’s eminent collections?

A: A portion of Rosalía’s eminent collections incorporate “Los Ángeles” (2017) and “El Mal Querer” (2018).

Q: Has Rosalía won any honors?

A: Indeed, Rosalía has won different Grammy Grants and Latin Grammy Grants for her commitments to music.

Q: Did Rosalía date any well known performers?

A: Rosalía recently dated Spanish rapper C. Tangana from 2016 to 2018.

Q: What is Rosalía’s total assets?

A: Starting around 2024, Rosalía’s total assets is assessed to be $8 million.

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