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Kamiri Gaulden, Biography, Age, Height, Net Worth, And More


Kamiri Gaulden is to be sure all around related because of his heredity, being the posterity of the prestigious American rapper, NBA YoungBoy. NBA YoungBoy earned impressive distinction and respect through his music, particularly hits like “Win or Lose,” which displayed his crude ability and melodious ability. With Kamiri being one of NBA YoungBoy’s five kids, he normally adds to the rapper’s inheritance, both concerning unique interactions and expected imaginative impact. It’ll be fascinating to check whether Kamiri emulates his dad’s example or graphs his own way in media outlets.

Who is Kamiri Gaulden?

Kayden Gaulden’s story is for sure an embroidery of both euphoria and misfortune, joined inside the texture of a family contacted by both notoriety and misfortune. Brought into the world on July 4, 2016, in Louisiana, US, Kayden entered the world as the child of the eminent rapper, Kentrell DeSean Gaulden, ordinarily known as NBA YoungBoy.

With roots reaching out across America, Kayden typifies the two his African American legacy and his way of life as an American. Brought into the world under the sustaining indication of Disease, he conveys with him the characteristics of responsiveness, instinct, and a significant love for family.

Kayden’s mom, Nisha, fills in as the foundation of adoration and motivation in his life. Together, they share a bond fashioned through the ups and downs of their excursion. Kayden isn’t the only one in this world; he has relatives who stand close by. He has two siblings, Kamiri and Kamron Gaulden, and one sister, Taylin Gaulden.

Misfortune struck the Gaulden family on June 26, 2018, when their oldest kin, Taylin, unfortunately lost her life in an auto crash close by their folks, NBA YoungBoy and Nia. The mishap was decimating, however in the midst of the murkiness, the family found strength in one another. Together, they went up against the affliction, resting on each other for help and comfort.

Notwithstanding the difficulties they’ve confronted, Kayden and his family have continued on, rising up out of the shadows of pain with strength and assurance. Their familial bond stays strong, a demonstration of the getting through force of affection inside a family. Besides, as they explore life’s flighty exciting bends in the road, they convey Taylin’s memory in their souls, a directing light enlightening their way ahead.

Kayden Gaulden Biography 

Kayden Gaulden, brought into the world on July 4, 2016, praised his 6th birthday celebration in July 2022. He was brought into the world under the indication of Disease in the US and has a place with a blended ethnic gathering.

As far as identity, Kayden acquires his dad NBA YoungBoy’s and mother Nisha’s blended legacy and parentage. His dad is known to have seven kids by various ladies. His siblings are Kamron Gaulden, Taylin Gaulden, Kamiri Gaulden, and Kacey Gaulden (stepbrothers), while his sisters are Armani Gaulden and Kodi Gaulden (stepsisters).

Presently, Kayden Gaulden is an elementary school understudy at one of Rod Rouge, Louisiana’s most lofty elementary schools, having moved on from preschool/nursery school.

Kayden Gaulden himself doesn’t have some work, as he is as yet a small kid. His folks, NBA YoungBoy and Nisha, are the two famous people. NBA YoungBoy is a notable American rapper and entertainer who began his melodic excursion at fourteen years old, purportedly buying a mouthpiece from Walmart to launch his profession.

Kamiri Gaulden Wiki

NameKayden Gaulden
Date of Birth4-Jul-2016
Age in 20226
Birth PlaceUnited States
CountryUnited States
HeightNone (m)
WeightUnknown (KGs)
ProfessionFamily Member

Kayden Gaulden Age, Birthday & Nationality 

Kayden Gaulden turned six years of age around then. His birthday falls on July 4, and he was brought into the world under the Disease zodiac sign. As referenced before, he hails from a blended ethnic foundation and was brought into the world in the US.

Kayden Gaulden Height & Weight 

In spite of the fact that Kayden is still excessively youthful to have a predictable level and weight, sources propose he remained at three feet ten inches tall and weighed 22.3 kilograms.

Sherhonda Gaulden Professional Career

Sherhonda is a surprisingly flexible individual, celebrated for her skill for creating engaging substance that never neglects to enamor her crowd. Her YouTube channel is a mother lode of these clever tunes, exhibiting her clever verses and sharp perceptions of daily existence. With her special style, Sherhonda has collected praise for her innovativeness and comedic energy, acquiring acknowledgment for her drawing in Instagram accounts too.

Yet, Sherhonda’s abilities stretch out past diversion. She’s likewise referred to for her magnanimous endeavors as a delegate, exhibiting her obligation to rewarding her local area. And keeping in mind that her rap collection might be restricted, she’s not hesitant to feature her abilities, in any event, recording her girl’s voice for one of her melodies.

Notwithstanding incidental contentions that might emerge among Sherhonda and her child, NBA, they’ve figured out how to settle on something worth agreeing on and set out to resolve things, exhibiting the strength of their bond as mother and youngster.

Sherhonda’s presence reaches out past YouTube, as she effectively draws in with her crowd through virtual amusement stages like Facebook, Soundcloud, and Instagram. With over 7.49k supporters on YouTube and a noteworthy 89.5k fans on Instagram, Sherhonda’s impact contacts all over, enrapturing crowds with her ability and appeal. Whether she’s evoking giggling with her parody or sharing looks at her daily existence, Sherhonda proceeds to stun and rouse her fans with her irresistible enthusiasm and inventiveness.

Taylin Gaulden Net worth

It seems like this youngster is carrying on with an incredible sumptuous way of life! With a dad esteemed at $6 million as of January 2023, he’s positively essential for a rich family. As perhaps of YouTube’s most remarkable craftsman, he probably procures a huge part of his pay through melodic visits, record deals, and his YouTube channel. Having proactively delivered two studio collections, he’s causing disturbances in the music business. Furthermore, it appears he partakes in the better things throughout everyday life, living richly with his mom. With such monetary means, he could try and go to one of the town’s more costly preschools.

Facts about the Youngster:

  1. He is the offspring of a notable dad, esteemed at $6 million as of January 2023.
  2. He is an unmistakable craftsman on YouTube, known for his melodic ability and content.
  3. He procures pay through melodic visits, record deals, and his YouTube channel.
  4. He has delivered two studio collections.
  5. He partakes in a shower way of life with his mom.
  6. He might go to one of the town’s more costly preschools.


The youngster is the posterity of a well off and renowned dad, esteemed at $6 million as of January 2023. He, at the end of the day, is a remarkable craftsman on YouTube, procuring pay through different channels including melodic visits, record deals, and his YouTube channel. Notwithstanding his young age, he has previously delivered two studio collections and lives extravagantly with his mom. Almost certainly, he goes to one of the town’s more costly preschools, mirroring his family’s rich status.


Who is the youngster’s dad?

The youngster’s dad is a notable individual esteemed at $6 million as of January 2023.

How does the youngster procure his pay?

The youngster procures pay through melodic visits, record deals, and his YouTube channel.

What number of studio collections has the youngster delivered?

The youngster has delivered two studio collections up until this point.

What sort of way of life does the youngster lead?

The youngster partakes in an extravagant way of life, living with his mom in extravagance.

Where does the youngster go to class?

Almost certainly, the youngster goes to one of the town’s more costly preschools.

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